COVID-19 testing

If you believe you HAVE COVID-19 or you were exposed, we can now test you!

We currently offer Rapid covid testing. Our antigen test is highly specific, and up to 93% sensitive to Covid-19. If a negative results is detected, then your sample is sent to Quest Diagnostics for PCR validations. Results are generally back in 2-5 days. 

We also offer an optional 1 hour PCR test for Covid-19, and if symptomatic, then Covid-19, Flu A&B, and RSV combo PCR test. This test does have an out-of-pocket expedited service fee. It is Highly specific and sensitive, comparable to LAB PCR testing. The GeneXpert Instrument Systems we use automate and integrate sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction and amplification, and detection of the target sequences in simple or complex samples using real-time PCR assays.