lab services

If you're in need of a lab test or screening, stop by our center! With our lab on site, we are able to provide an array of tests allowing for a quicker diagnosis by our clinicians who will also discuss your test results with you in the same visit!

On-Site Medical Lab Tests

Covid-19 Antigen test

Covid-19 PCR test

Respiratory Synical Virus (RSV)

STD & HIV tests 

Blood draws

Rapid influenza A&B tests 

Rapid mononucleosis test 

Rapid strep test

INR tests

ACG (pregnancy) testing



Complete Metabolic Panels (CMP) and Basic Metabolic Panels (BMP)

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Diabetic screening

Lipid profiles

Lyme tests

Drug/toxicology tests

& More

 Our molecular point of care system is designed to deliver the most accurate results right when you need them — to help us stay ahead of urgent, life-threatening patient challenges, triage patients faster, and help improve critical quality metrics. ASK about our PCR tests that we run in our office (with results in less than one hour).

Your Lab results or visit summary can be forwarded to your Primary Care Physician upon request