Workplace Injuries

EZMED Urgent Care replaces the emergency room as the place to seek treatment for most workplace injuries. If employees get hurt on the job, we’ll be ready with walk-in services to assess and treat their injuries quickly in an efficient and friendly environment, so that their time away from work is as brief as possible. We accept most Worker's Comp Insurances.

On-site capabilities include the following:

  • Experienced, board certified emergency medicine physicians skilled at treating:
    • Lacerations
    • Puncture wounds
    • Fractures
    • Musculoskeletal strains
    • Evaluation of non-penetrating eye injuries
    • Contusions
    • Chemical burns
  • X-ray Referrals 
  • Other treatment capabilities include:
    • Vaccinations
    •  Antibiotics
    •  Hydration

Extended services for rapid return to work:

  • Light duty programs when available
  • Episodic case management
  • Responsible vetted specialty affiliations
  • Structured communication of information
  • Standardized forms

Follow-Up Care


EZMED Urgent Care’s Aftercare program is a unique component of our practice. Unlike any other care coordination program in urgent care today, our team of physicians, physician assistants and Aftercare Clinical Associates work daily to follow up with patients seen in Timonium Urgent Care. Our industrial clients can be certain that their employees wil get clsoe follow-up from our Aftercare team to:
  • Ensure compliance with treatment and follow-up appointments
  • Identify complications
  • Identify deterioration of symptoms
  • Identify needs for treatment interventions
  • Provide EMR documentation of care and follow-up communication


Our network of specialists in all medical fields provide exceptional care to patients regarding specialty treatment of their work-related injury. We ensure that all specialists in our referral network match our high standards of care.

Dedicated Occupational Medicine Team

One of the biggest hurdles many employers have with work-related injuries is getting answers. Luckily, Timonium Urgent Care provides employers dedicated account representatives who can cater to the company’s unique needs, concerns, and questions. They are available to field questions, process requests for documentation, address billing concerns, and provide support.